Avatar pictures by Hans Holbein, 500 years old, as new

In my spare time, I am working on a study of Holbein’s Ambassadors (which will give a slightly different view on this famous painting, and I dare say there would be some exciting stuff never noticed before). Researching Holbein’s life I could not miss his work on the Praise of Folly by Erasmus of Rotterdam. Hobein was asked to illustrate the book using margins and spare pages. He was 18 at the time, no college, but lots of on-the-job training.

Holbein could not envisage the popularity of social networks, but he created dozens of amazing avatar pics very relevant five centuries later. As the Devil in Mikhail Bulgakov’s great novel “Master and Margarita” would say, “People haven’t changed, they’ve just been spoilt a bit by the invent of mortgage”. So, let me introduce you to some of my favourite types!

This one is actually related to the Ambassadors. You’d see the same set of instuments there. This is the perfect avatar for those who think themselves a “Renaissance Man”.

Are you an established artist? Well, then this one is for you:

Oh, you are the Kantian type of an art-lover? You think that Art is about the Ideal Beauty (for its own sake, and without any sexual harrasment of the soul)? Grab this one:

You like commenting posts of others infusing your message with a spoonful of ridicule and sarcasm? Then this one begs to be adoped:

Children psychologist, kindergarten teacher, or just a blogging babysitter can’t resist picking this one:

A knight with a big one.

A knight with a nested one.

Like playing games but only the ones you know you’d win?

You are always armed. Always prepared. You answer questions at length. Your arguments won’t fit three paragraphs, and all your arguments are deadly convincing? This sage would tell all that and more without words.

That’s a bit ambiguous. It would fit a man always ready to end a discussion with a request that the opponent moves off. But it is also suitable to those who are willing to go anywhere where there is someone showing directions.

I am an intovert. I like flowers. There’s more beauty in them than in people. You are wicked, I am leaving. Feel personal resonance with any of this? Then this avatar is for you:

This is for someone who loves mass friending. Note the discarded dolls. They didn’t friend back.

Well, hope you liked it. There are dozens more, and if you want me to share a few more, drop a line )


    1. You liked the drawings, I gather? Well, I’ll put out more of them, for this is a bit of art history that is overlooked, instead of being looked into )

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