Where is Art in this picture?


I asked a few people where Art is in this picture. You don’t have to be a Solomon to rightly guess the beautiful barocco church. Yet, it is somehow funny, because:

  • Those [m]ad men who designed the ugly advertising billboards believed they were making Art.
  • Skyscraper architects believed them to be Art.
  • Car designers believed the shapes and lines they’d designed were Art.
  • I am sure that the guy behind the lamp posts believed his elegant creations were Art.
  • And only the architect of the beautiful church had not been even aware what Art was. He was just doing his job, creating as much harmony and beauty, as he could.

Well, we all know that Art is not just about beauty. It is the Kantian, 18th century view on Art. Since then the definition of Art has been reviewed at least a hundred times, and is still under review.

But still, guys. It’s the church that the eye enjoys and savours.


  1. I was walking over there some weeks ago and the view was astonishing. This church is lovely and I start making a lot of pictures. Some old ladies passing by next to me were looking at me and then the church – it seemed like they have never realized about the beauty of the church.

    1. Well, it is a famous churh, for the barocco period washed over Russia not leaving much in terms of architecture. So that church is a unique piece. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I understand you study in Moscow?

      1. But as far as I know the church is closed to the public, isn’t it? maybe I’m wrong…I would love to visit it inside too 🙂

        I’m not a student anymore 😉 I work in Moscow

        1. I’ve not been inside lately, but they used to run concerts of classical music there… Perhaps, it was given over back to the church. Would check it out. Unfortunately, I do not know Spanish (your blog’s in Spanish, right?) – but I would love to share some of the local views – I found yours very inspiring.

          1. Yes, I write my blog in Spanish. Is easier for me to do it in my own language but, of course, if you are interested in some of the posts I write, just let me know and I could translate it 🙂

  2. I find architecture the most interesting type of art. It seeks a harmony between being both functional and aesthetically pleasing. I could spend hours wandering around looking at buildings.

    Love your blog!

    1. Hi, thank you. I’ll check up on your blog. Please note that if you introduce a link in your first comment to your blog the system treats it as spam. That’s why it took me some time no notice your comment and reply.

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