The Pink Pity

Pink is believed to be about youth and femininity. I once travelled by train from York to London, and the car’s passengers were almost all school girls dressed in pink hoodies. It was as vulgar as their incessant use of profanities.

How come pink has become such a despicable colour?

Nature loves pink and uses it sparingly, 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in the evening, and only sometimes. It was meant to be enjoyable and almost sacred. Today, artists are often afraid to use pink in their paintings. They don’t want to be accused of being false, girlish, or catering to the unsophisticated public.

Yet, pink is often masculine. Like this pink peak in the photograph. Combination of pink and grey is nature’s favourite. Yet men shy it instinctively.

I call it the Pink Pity.


  1. ‘Men are shy of pink’? Ha! The other day I went to a shop hoping to by just a plain, normal tshirt for my husband. Guess what? Pink was the dominant colour all over men department!

  2. Beautiful pic – warm snow, close peak)
    Sometimes nature uses pink for ‘jokes’ like the geow mangon. Btw I would rather think this fruit is a ‘male’))
    Pink is a victim of marketing, we should forget it and then open again.

    1. I’ve never tried it. I googled it, and the fruit came out nice, but a bit dangerously looking, just like George Cloony, obviously a male ) There is a very interesting comment just above, about pink being red suffused with light. A very interesting point of view )

  3. When one considers pink as red suffused with light and light as consciousness then it can be regarded with a different eye. Associating pink with little girls is a way of bringing them into association with the concept of unconditional love. The sickly sweetness of pink highjacked by toy manufacturers distorts this image. Love has no opposite. Love is. We don’t have to search for it or deserve it. Women should know this. Men do not need pink, red is enough. Boys need blue to remind them to trust their own feelings which are never wrong. Pink has the power to soften mountain tops so Nature of course uses it sparingly.

    1. I really like your metaphysical view on pink, when it is not seen as red diluted by white, but as red suffused with light. And thinking about boys, I’ve just realised that a grey suit with pink shirt is one of those moments when men can highjack pink safely for their image )

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