Aliens are perplexed

This is an A-class transport starship bringing supplies to aliens who got stuck in the Alps trying to understand why people of the Earth would put on inconvenient boots, and then some strange things called “ski” and then take stupid poles in their hands to get down a mountain slope. And enjoy it. And repeat it, over and over again.


Weird clouds are sometimes seen in photographs, but painters are somehow not interested in them. Painters love ordinary clouds, fluffy, not drawing attention away from the more important things in their pictures. Perhaps, Turner was one of the very few landscapists who was interested in clouds, but only if they were about an approaching or occuring storm.

Turner. Slave Ship. 1840


  1. If I were an alien I too would find it difficult to stay away from this intriguing planet. In regard to the inhabitants I would also be pleased that I had a means of instant escape when my curiosity led me too close to the unpredictable inhabitants.

    1. In fact, the mechanism that forms these clouds (called “mules” by the locals) is even more fascinating than the story about the aliens ) But less romantic.

      Thank you! )

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