Celebrating Style

This is the Winner of Independent Café of the year UK 2010 awarded by the Café Society. A micro-roastery. Good coffee, by the way, something you don’t get in London very often. I am not advertising the shop, though the option of “taking my espresso nude” can be mildly entertaining. I am celebrating the style of people who, when choosing a place to have coffees, take the colour of their car into consideration.

This photo reminds me of a monastery in Crete (some chains of associations are amazing, aren’t they?). The monastery requires women to wear long skirts and to cover their shoulders. Few ladies on vacation dress like this, so a nun by the entrance shows them to a huge chest with hundreds of scarves that can be used both ways. Tourists pick one or two scarves, get wrapped in them and rush inside. Not French ladies. They choose, select, and exchange scarves checking whether their colour fits their shoes, t-shirts and shades.

Is it style or a bit too much attention to style?

It looks nice, but if this photograph were a painting, I’d say the artist was too obvious about his intention to draw attention and please the public (not to mention that I would be very suspicious of the artist for introducing my wife between the car and the shop).


  1. Thanks for the coffee tip… I’m coming to London in April and like all caffeine-infused residents of Melbourne (aka Global Coffee Central) will be craving good coffee while away from home!

  2. I cannot imagine why anyone would use the colour red for a coffee shop. doesn’t work for me, as in, if I was passing I don’t think I’d be tempted in. but then if the coffees good…

    1. If I remember right, they don’t have a rival shop for a few blocks around… Red or Blue, you’d have to use them ) There’s so much of graffiti around, the colour must be strong.

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