I WANT YOU TO BE MY WIFE! And my wife too!

Today’s writing challenge wants me to define the word “flangiprop”. And, of course, to immediately start using it. Well, unlike google, I’ve known this word for ages, which deserves a nomination for a Nobel prize in Knowing Something Google Does Not.

Flangiprop = Flanging effect + Proposal

Flanging effect is an audio effect produced by mixing two identical signals together, with one signal delayed by a small period. You get this, for instance, in guitar playing, using a Flanger. A special device doing just that. You get a lot of this when listening to a choir.

Proposal is just a proposal. A marriage proposal.

So, a flangiprop is a situation when two men ask you to marry them within a split second day of each other.

A flangiprop can be easy, especially if you live in a matriarchal society. You take’em both, using one to play soccer with the kids and the other for going to the movies. The drawback is that you don’t know which kids are whose, except that you are the mother. And, looking at the picture, I don’t have to spell the benefits, right?

Taking them both!

Alas, when you really have to choose, and there’s no test drive option in either proposal, it can become a nightmare!

Did you know that Ben Affleck and Matt Daymon used to flangiprop Jey Lo on a dare? Of course, she went for Ben. Do you think a better singer would go for Matt?

Most single women dream about being flangipropped, but when it comes to an actual flangiprop, they hate it. “2 much choice is 2 much”. You have to accept one proposal and reject the other. Damn, it is stressful to do just one of these things!

Flangiprop is believed to have recently migrated from the rock scene (when, for instance, both the lead guitarist and the drummer would propose to the same groupie girl. Sir Paul the bass player can sprinkle this story with details). Yet, I believe I have found some much earlier traces of flangipropping. Look at this famous picnic scene by Manet:

The lady’s eyes say it all, “Look at them! Jane is off for a quick dip, and they both propose! Is it because I am naked and she’s still dressed? Do you believe their intentions are honest?” She invites us to share the burden of a flangiprop, and her somber expression is meant to warn us of its dangers.


  1. I can’t believe you knew what that meant. Like really?! What are the odds of being proposed to by two men within days. Apparently, big enough to create a word for it… Interesting. Really. Nicely done.

      1. Oops! Fixated on the having two husbands part and forget the definition was the duplicate proposals. Kindly disregard my comment. I fail. *hangs head in shame* (I’m happily married.)

  2. This topic reminds me of the novel “Sophie’s Choice” by W. Styron. I always thought that book was full of crap cuz no woman would kill herself because she couldn’t choose between lovers. If the author was a woman, the outcome of the novel would have turned out differently..uh at the very least maybe made one of the men kill themselves. Terrible..but asi es el amor (thats the way love goes). Love your posts!

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