Answer to the riddle about a horse with a man’s willie


Four meter high horse with a man’s willie.

Wrapped up in cloth:


In the previous post I asked my dear readers to offer their hypotheses on why the back half of the horse was wrapped by a huge blanket

Correct Answer: when President Putin was visiting Voronezh, he was expected to drive past this sculpture. As the whole world knows, President Putin loves to show off his body. So the local authorities thought that if he saw the size of the horse’s manhood, he might morally suffer because of an unfavourable comparison. After Putin was gone, the horse’s back and bottom were revealed again.

This says a lot about the governance of Russia. Though there is some consolation in knowing that in the North Korea everyone involved in the story would be executed, it does not make the whole thing less stupid.

PS This affair reminds me of Mechelangelo’s David, which – on public demand – was said to be covered by a skirt of gilded leaves.

More public art to follow )


    1. Yep. Seriously. They covered it for the President not to see it, accidentally. It is typical bullshit with the Russian accent you hear in Hollywood movies. Cinematographic level of bullshit. Yet, very real.

    1. Continued exposure to such art helps the people of Russia to keep calm and carry on. Even when a meteor blows up in the sky, a Russian driver keeps driving, referring to the disaster with a carefree WTF 😉

  1. I just don’t get why to point to some complexes of Putin (that exist or are the fruits of a rich fantasy of these artists) if this piece of art (God I said it) is obviously awfull and shouldn’t be shown at least to children. And to horses of course.

  2. They were afraid of his reaction and actually they were right. Our reaction was not better and it’s not connected with our or his personal complexes. One doesn’t need to have own willie, to have eyes is enough to judge)

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