Raphaelite putti bring you an enema syringe

Another example of crazy public art in Russia. Its sculptors, being freed from the repetitive task of making Lenin’s statues and not yet burdened with producing monuments to Putin, go wild.

This is a monument to a rubber enema syringe installed in front of a health resort. Three putti deliver it to you.

Ever wondered what were the tools of trade of a cupid fixated on those types of love that require caution and a lot of lubricants? Here is the answer. What surprises me is why the Russian Orthodox Church (concerned about the morality of art exhibited in private galleries so much that it sends out stormtroopers to ransack the ones that have exhibits using any religious symbols) does nothing about it. It is easy to mistake the putti for cherubs, and according to the recently introduced Russian laws that’s a religious insult, punishable by a punch in the face and/or prison.

If you are concerned the enema syringe delivery company uses child labour, there’s some consolation in the fact that the syringe is applied by quite adult and stunningly beautiful staff.

Raphael’s putti watch all this in awe. With a tint of envy.

Yes, I know the address of this resort.
No,  I won’t sell it.


  1. It is difficult to completely eradicate the symbols of world history and culture from a art and it generally gets distorted if the artist has to cater to specific agenda. Your post stimulates me to post some similar stuff. 🙂

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