Get me the Snow Queen’s address. I’ll strangle her.

Four months of winter is too much. This is the centre of Moscow, March 25th. Oh, if you thought Moscow centre is all about the Kremlin, you’ve got it wrong. These are the tracks that take trains to Moscow’s international airport. The path to the other side of the Iron Curtain that no longer exists. No bears. At least not a single one without the leash. Lots of people in orange vests going to where snow is reported to have blocked something important. Day after day after day.

People are gloomy and depressed.

Orange vests cheer up no one, that is, no more.

Some people say today is February, 52nd. Others say it is just the ordinary month of Febarch.

I was looking for a scene that sends across the feeling of winter overload, when the option of a snowballing party is as attractive as bananas to a man stranded on a tropic island.

I think this photo, taken from a pedestrian bridge over railroad, says it all.



  1. I’m happy, I didn’t make to ski this winter despite live 3 minutes walk from the forest. Hope to get a chance during the break in May ;))

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