Let me take a sec to answer this million-dollar question: Why do I blog?

I am afraid the answers are very selfish.

1. One day, I am going to summarise some of this into a book on my approach to art appreciation. It helps to see which ideas resonate with my readers and which do not.

2. Recording my experiences and views that I want to bounce off other points of view. It helps to refine my thinking.

What I do not blog for?

1. Money. No, I don’t need a penny from blogging, thank you very much. I am good. I think about hiring an English-speaking editor, as English is not my native language, to make the posts a better read. That’s expense, not income.

2. Recognition. I’m pretty well recognised in my real life for things very different from what I am writing about here.

The side-effect benefit of blogging is that I see that I make my readers interested in arts, wake up their curiosity or impact their point of view.

I like that. And it is tempting to announce it as my goal. It would be dishonestly noble.

Frankly, I am not blogging because of it.

And I would like to use this opportunity to say HUGE THANKS to all my readers. As I am a selfish bastard, please never hesitate to criticise me or to mention something that left an impression on you. Please. Be honest and helpful. Because it pays: I’ll write better, and I’ll write more, and – in the end – will get you intellectually entertained in some more enjoyable ways! 

As they say, honesty and trust are the number one key to a successful relationship. I am being honest, and I trust you won’t object. It’s not, obviously, me in this poster, and it is not about “why I blog”, but it does highlight the importance of trust, honesty, and never losing the key.


PS The girl in the picture wears iron bikini, locked by someone who obviously trusts her, but would like to make dishonesty not an option. I have to write it, because -well – I know some of my readers are not as spoilt as I am and may not recognise the device that’s in the focus of my joke 😉


    1. Well. The girl in the picture wears iron belt and bra that are locked in a way that makes any sexual contact possible only for the person who’s got the key. The joke here is that while trust is believed to be the key to a successul relationship, this trust in this particular case, is very much dependent on making dishonesty not an option 😉 So, in terms of suitability to the article, I thought of this picture as a wink )

  1. I’m afraid me too – as I don’t care why you do this, I just love to follow))) Would be better to listen to but reading will also do))

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