Rome is in the detail

Rome is a city that has a lot of each and a bit of every century scattered in random order, for the surprise and pleasure of tourists who are inevitably lost, confused, sometimes cheated out of their money, but always in love with the city.

When you have too many things to see, it may lead to a relationship problem. If she wants to see the attraction A, and he wants to see the attraction B, the worst decision is a compromise to go and see the attraction C, which is between A and B, and which makes neither of them happy.

Yield. Insist. Create an ABABABAB pattern that will make both of you happy. Come back to visit the A’s or B’s not seen the first time. Rome loves come-backs.

Advice to men: If you still can’t agree on anything, buy your wife or girlfriend an ice cream cone. Then ask her to agree to your decision on choosing point A.

Disclaimer: the lady is not my wife and not my girlfriend. She was kind enough to let me take the picture.

In Rome, you don’t even have to go to the historical place A or B or C to enjoy life. You can slump into a wicker chair at one of the cafes populating any piazza and look at the roofs:

or people, who would be looking down at you with the reserved curiosity of an antique marble column. The column has seen it all and may even remember your genetic twin who passed by some time around the 12th century:

Rome lets you enjoy life in the cat-on-the-bonnet style:

But while you are at it, do not fall prey to the millenia old ways of parting you with your money:

Be especially wary of [mostly Polish] young men who aggressively ask for donations for various medical institutions. There are no institutions behind, just criminals.

If you want to spend your money on something that has no value and help the society, go get a fake Gucci from one of the guys, who are always surprised the police doesn’t believe the bags are not for sale, just for carrying around:

Don’t frown at the world like some of Rome’s modern art:

Don’t start looking inwards, Rome is not the yoga-type city for reflection, like some of the classic art suggests:

Rome is the city to be taken with the very antique attitude of a Pan:

And that’s exactly what I hope to start doing in a couple of days.

PS Rome has just been changed for London, May 1st to 6th. Well, there are plenty of things to do in London as well!


  1. I keep going back to Rome, and I am lucky enough to have friends there.
    I love going back to London too, just been there, with gorgeous weather, exploring the Borough Market. I fell in love even more

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