What do YOU want to read about?

My dear readers,

For a few days I will be away from home. While I am in London, faking  genuine interest in the heated debates at a business conference I have to attend, please help me decide what you would like to read in this blog next week. I have ideas about a few options (some will take more time to write, some will be faster) and I would appreciate your help in prioritising them. 

Please spend a second of your time, choose as many options as you like, and bathe in the rays of grace I will be sending your way. I really, truly, honestly will be grateful for your help.

And please do not underestimate the pleasures of pressing a 3D button. Try it. Don’t be shy. Push it in all the way or nudge it tenderly. 

Thank you!


  1. I’m not into art. But I voted, so there must be something wrong with me, or you’re just really an engaging writer. Hope you discuss something about graffiti… Or street art, or something like that.

    1. It is difficult to NOT be into art, for it has a tendency of catching up with you at some point. Art is a very…insistent and persistent thing. I hope as you read some of my posts, you’ll start feeling it – just don’t shut yourself to it. As for the street art – which I have only been covering so far in a rather humorous form – you can find some fun pieces under the tag “public art”. If you go to my “About” page, there are links to some of the posts. And if you venture to some of the more serious stuff there, just let me know if it rings any chords )

    1. Great idea, thank you! I’ve been to his exhibition at the Royal Academy this year, and some of this works I’ve not seen live before did leave a lasting impression. Will do.

  2. “While I am in London, faking genuine interest in the heated debates at a business conference” ha ha ha love it.
    Secrets of a masterpiece (don’t forget to suggest one) – Leda Atomica by Dali. Thanks.

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