Vantage point

I hate it when people dismiss Italy as inferior to France because France is “cleaner”. France can be cleaner, but if all you’re interested in is cleanness, Antartica is your dream destination. Go white yourself.

Italy is one of those rare places where – regardless of what is in front of you – there is always a view or micro-frame you can choose to watch.

Buildings in the desperate need of a paint job?

Look down and appreciate the beauty of orange against blue:

Piles of garbage? Then just look up to appreciate the blue hills rolling beyond the treeline:

What’s more, when you see something very pleasant to the eye, overall, there’s going to be a spot which is even more exciting within that “picture”:

Can you find the two men (below) in the picture above?

And if you just want to have your eyes relaxed, you follow the example of this couple:

Yes, the one sitting on the rocks, facing the sea, Romeo and Juliette watched by Juliette’s mother sitting 20 metres behind them.

There’s always an opportunity to relax, sit back and enjoy the sea. If there is any sea to be watched, of course. If there happens to be no sea around, a candle can come handy (fire can be as enchanting as water):

And yes, if there’s some sea to add to the fire, it helps, but is not really necessary.


  1. You’re absolutely right. I have been driving a quarter century in Italy, and it is the friendly people and wonderful places there that interest me, and why I go there again and again. The garbage will only see the people who want to see the garbage.

    1. You reminded me of a TV program we had in the USSR. The International Panorama. On XMas, they would be showing NY, lights and Santa CLauses and the VO would be, “It is Christmas in New York with families getting together around the traditional turkey” – then the camera would zoom on a homeless guy in the street – “but not everyone is celebrating!” (in grave voice).

      1. Not going to argue especially when it comes to Florence 😉 But the post was not about Florence and for me it was not (only) about any place in particular. For me)

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