Looking for a white friend

Russian experts from the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Russia (no surprise here) did not see this billboard as racist, and gave their go-ahead to the campaign. The slogan is, “I am looking for a white friend”.

The experts agreed this was not a dark-skinned woman from India or South East Asia, but an overtanned Slavic lady, actively looking for a lav bowl. One of the experts was a professor from the Immanuel Kant University. I wonder what the great philosopher of the 18th century would say himself, given that he was the first to foresee the union of enlightened European nations.

I am looking for lav. Only whites may apply.

I do not ask you if you think this is a racist poster, because it is obviously based on a vulgar racist joke.

Sometimes the depth of advertising humour leaves me speechless, and a bit sad that this is happening in a country that was once at the forefront of European culture.

It would be grand to hear from you now!

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