Drugggs Heeelp Creativity!

Many artists were taking drugs, justifying their addiction by the need to boost their creativity. It might have been a good idea to make sure there was any creativity to boost in the first place. It might have been even a better idea to google the effect drugs have on the human brain before making the commitment. Drugs do not create new neural networks in the brain. They energize, or switch the brain to a happy state, or make the left and right hemispheres play table tennis with associations. And the price is usually a slow death of a few (hundred) thousand neurons. Cocaine withers neurons away, bath salts murder them outright in a manner similar to what a nuke would do to a population of London or New York.

One artist thought it might be a good idea to have his self-portraits done each time he was taking an illegal substance from the list that is the Bible of narcotics teams across the world.

This is the result induced by bath salts.


Scary, isn’t it?

If you’ve not seen this guy’s work before, especially his self-portraits under the influence of all the drugs you can imagine, go to his website: Brian Lewis Sanders. You may like some of the effects he’s showing (and there are some really nice self-portraits over there), but remember the price.

I just wonder, regardless of the personality of this particular artist: is it OK to play suicidal games with your brain to make it see the world in a way different from the usual? Because it is not a boost to creativity, and it is not a creation of talent. Drugs relationship with creativity is similar to the relationship of a street magician to real magic. Drugs don’t do magic, they do tricks.

All the rumblings you’ve just laboured through do not mean I advocate the use of alcohol instead of drugs. It is just as deadly to the brain:


Thanks, Daily post, for reminding me about the guy who took bath salts as an experiment.


  1. Hmmm… Not totally sure what the artist was trying to achieve. Similar distortion will come out when drawing with one’s eyes closed or drawing with fork and knife instead of pens and pencils.

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