Daily Haiku Thoughts on Art

This week’s writing challenge is about writing haiku verses for each day of the week. I was trying to blend ART + THOUGHTS ON LIFE + IMMEDIACY OF THE DAY into a daily haiku cocktail. Each haikyu is preceded by a picture for the day, with Friday already done because I know what’s going to happen then.

Haiku is usually built around the 5-7-5 syllable rule. I hope I calculated my syllables right.


Jeff Koons is branded
An artist because he sells.
So do Tide® and Heinz®.


Louis Vuitton put
A chest in the Red Square
The Shoppers’ Kaaba?


eL-Vee is bad taste
So branding Vlad Lenin’s tomb
Seems very fitting.


Snowfalls help to sell
winter tyres and summer art.
The brain has two sides.


Russia prays that you come
to the Games dressed well.


“Sometimes it’s Cosmos
Roaming in my mind“, was his reply
To simple question, “Why?”

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  1. Love it! Monday and Wednesday are my favorites!
    And boy, was I shocked to see that suitcase in RSq when I wandered about there last week…

    1. Two hits out of five doesn’t make me a haiku marksman, but it is still not bad for Round 1 😉 Thank you!

      LV caring about charity is ridiculuous. If they care so much about children, they could just hand the money over. Saying that with the Chest dismantled the children will be getting no support and that it is the unappreciative public that’s to blame makes me strongly suggest LV is boycotted for being greedy bastards.

      1. What a Russian way to look at things *shakes my head* – I didnt say that only 2 were good, I just pointed out which 2 of 5 were my faves! ))))

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