CATatonic, with an attitude

Following the girl with flowers, we have a new guest in the Brevity-is-the-soul-of-wit lounge. It is a cat.

Why is this simple painting great?

Image courtesy of Ars Longa Gallery

The cat is watching life streaming past. Life is represented by the pinkish shape on the left. There’s a conflict, clash of colours, and a turmoil of lines in the left part of the painting and a serene animal affixed to the right one. The cat is shown with its back to the viewer, as if it has just turned its head, reacting to a movement or sound coming from the viewer’s side.

The cat is neither flaccid nor strained. It is watchful and reflecting, both literally (you can spot the pink colour on the ears) and metaphorically. We don’t know what the cat thinks or feels: its eyes are not reflecting anything and are painted with a unique azure colour.

This is not a cute picture of a pussy. It is a psychological portrait of the cat’s character, and it is done without painting the fur, the purr, or the moustache.

This is a cat with an attitude. An attitude that doesn’t make me feel all warm and comfy inside.

Tomorrow, next in this cycle, following the proverbial “rains cats and dogs”: a dog’s portrait.


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