Paper, ink, magic


This is a paper-and-ink sketch by Anatoly Zverev, a Russian artist who led the life of a homeless drunk, producing genius art along the way. While he is definitely worth talking about at length, right now, I want to share this tiny drawing, a photograph of which I made two days ago at an exhibition in Moscow.

I counted 13 lines and 2 dots.

That’s all he needed to give you a beautiful nude, who’s got mass, shape, movement, and emotion.


  1. Было бы здорово, если б вы посвятили отдельный пост Звереву! Тоже у меня один из любимых художников.

  2. Wow, the brevity is incredible. Being able to convert a couple of deceptively simple brush strokes into such a recognizable form is genius. I will look forward to reading any future posts you may write about Zverev.

    1. The amazing thing here is that he worked so fast people thought it was impossible. And, formally, he didn’t have much training as an artist. But, God, he could draw. I’ll do a big post on him, I just need to spend more time on finding a way to present him right…

      1. Just looking at it I could conjecture that it wasn’t from someone with formal training. I’m not against such training, I certainly think there’s a need for both trained professionals and amateurs as they produce VERY different works.

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