Spring has come to Moscow. Not the kind of the Prague Spring. Just, you know, the seasonal one. At least, this is the impression that one can get from this photo:2014-03-10-4399_cut

But do not jump to conclusions. In perspective, it may turn out to be…



The big question is, do we need to put things in perspective to spoil the first impression or just enjoy the cropped view, while we can?


  1. Enjoy it while you can, because the sewage will always find you in the end, whether you crop it out or not.
    Funny and somewhat heartbreaking post – in just a few words and one image in 2 versions.

    1. Thank you! I took one more photograph yesterday that is totally hilarious, but its hilariousness is rather lost on people who do not understand Russian. I posted it on Flikr – just added the link to the account in the side bar. You understand russian, so you’ll see how a tiny error transformed a place for fishing into a place for weeping )

      1. :)) I can relate to that! I have a fishing husband – his rybalka is often my rydalka when I see the $ that goes for fishing gear – geez!

  2. I have just relaunched as a website with blog included. Could you let me know if you can access the blog the ‘normal’ way via WordPress or is this no longer possible. WordPress doesn’t host websites so I had to transfer everything to a new server and options like “Like” are not showing up on the new page. I also have given the Heading “Meet the World” instead of Blog which is probably a bit too obscure but I was on a flow of creativity and got carried away with my own ideas. Artists!

    1. I’ve just checked it out: I can access the blog ok, and, indeed, the name makes it a bit complicated ))

      Congrats on launching the site – I keep roaming through it – and it is thoroughly enjoyable!

  3. Cropping is not necessarily cheating or ignoring reality – YOU know the pipe is there but the creative licence to remove the irrelevant when your intent is to show us beauty and a positive image is your choice. If however you want to sell me a Lake side property then cropping becomes deceit! It is all a matter of intent. The colours are beautiful and the ducks look happy!

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