When you come up in the world, you may come in.

This man – seeing everything for miles around, and reciprocally seen by everyone with an eye sharp enough – has been sitting on top of the Bern Minster (Cathedral) for more than a hundred years. Given Switzerland’s rather uneventful history during this time, it must have been dead boring. Coming up in the world is guaranteed to lead to a recessing hairline, but not happiness. Besides, there are pigeons there. 

Bern Cathedral Belfry
Bern Cathedral Belfry

Alternatively, this golden angel watches the ever changing art shows from atop a room in the Royal Academy of Art in London. Pigeons are not allowed, which is a bonus and a relief. Visitors rarely pay the angel any attention, for art on the walls is their primary mission.

2014-02-23-4227 - копия

It took an artist to make the angel visible: these columns are hollow with a spiral flight of stairs leading to a flat room from which a personal introduction to the angel takes place:

2014-02-23-4236 - копия


Up there, you can watch the angels, talk to them, wonder at their celestial beauty – but don’t touch them (there are signs, “Please do not touch the historic architecture” everywhere).

2014-02-23-4226 - копия

Would you choose to be an angel indoors watching over the evolution of art (which tends to get more artificial with each passing century) or a pigeon-friendly statue outside enjoying the never-changing lanscape of ordinary lives? 

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    1. I didn’t know I’d launch a blog at the time this picture was taken, and I’ve not been to Bern ever since. I’d love to know what this man was meant to be myself!

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