Dude, don’t touch the nude!

This is a sculptor, his sculpture, his model, and his assistant; all in the process of making a work of art. It is a show of skill in the use of instruments, with which old masters were working marble.

2013-07-20-3147 - копия

It is important NOT TO TOUCH the model. Even though it is very tempting to check if she’s alive.


If you wait long enough, there’s bound to be someone who succumbs to this temptation. You get then introduced to the arresting art of verbal admonition, performed in the Italian language peppered by select English, French, or German words, depending on what nationality the sculptor assumes the offender to be.

As a show, it beats most performance art hands down.

It is surely worth waiting for.

Warning: do not attempt to cut the wait with direct action: these historic tools are damn sharp.

The show’s performed in Florence, in summer. Check the dates in advance. Wear your mail. Chainmail.

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  1. Dude don’t touch the nude!!…
    Impressive and interesting to read..even i don’t aware about this before..

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