Forgotten wedding fashion

“Honey, let’s talk about a metastable allotrope of carbon”
“What?! Now?! I couldn’t care less about it!”
“Good-good… So a diamond wedding ring goes off the list…”

The wedding ring is an important symbol of love (both are endless, at least at the start), bonding, and financial status of the new family.

Wedding rings also signal to others that their owners are wed. There are people who believe it is the rings’ most needed function.

Challenge your man if he can take off his ring with one hand while his hand is in his own pocket, and if he’s doing it fast and easy, start talking to your divorce lawyers.

In the 19th century, as I discovered at a temporary exhibition hosted by the Hermitage (in St.Petersburg), women were wearing wedding bracelets as well. These bracelets would have a portrait of their beloved husband. If you read my post on the differences between enamel miniatures and photographs, you’d realise how excited I was to see this portrait.

Gavriil Yakovlev, Portrait of Julia Telyakova in evening dress, 1848
Gavriil Yakovlev, Portrait of Julia Telyakova in evening dress, 1848

Let’s do a close up onto her arms:

Enamel miniature bracelet

The wedding bracelet doesn’t just signal to the viewer that she’s married, it also announces she’s married to a very attractive young officer whose gauntlet will be thrown at you on a slightest suspicion of you being improperly gallant towards the wearer.

Would you wear such a bracelet as a wedding ring? Do you think this fashion can be revived? 


  1. I’d say that in some way they still exist, it’s just a question on custom and forming a new trend. You ca easily get the same result by uploading an appropriate .jpg file onto you ipod Nano and attaching it to yourself with an appropriate licensed rubber strap. I thing there is also market for an App, distributed through the appstore, Apple would charge you 40% of the announced price, that would swap the images onto more appropriate ones, depending on your geolocation (gps engaged), checkins (foursquare integration) and ‘free for breeding’ status on facebook (social networking).

    1. I am a “caveman father”, a complete failure at hi-tech gizmos… Yet, the way you describe it, it’s much more fragile, temporary, easy-to-do, and fleeting than a proper miniature enamel. Also, way cheaper )))

      And then, the heavy gold bracelet. That’s not your average rubber band, even if it’s licensed )

      1. Hmm… I guess it’s stupid asking you if you aware of the application called “Down”? By the way, did this part of our filthy nature ever serve as an inspiration to some great artists?

    1. Splendid! It means that there’s a market niche that you as a professional illustrator can fill in! )) All you have to do is to buy a muffle furnace, and some enamel paints ) I know an artist in the UK who can do enamel miniatures, but I know no one in the States who’d be good… Isn’t it a great career?

      1. that sounds awesome!!! muffle furnace is a really cool word no idea what it is!!?!?!? but creating anything is the best!!

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