Art bridges generation gaps

Art makes our lives better by adding emotions to it that we might have not experienced otherwise. Art inspires us to come up with innovative ideas. Some believe art makes people morally better (this is a very shaky hypothesis, given that a number of notorious mass-murderers were art lovers too).

Art can also bridge generation gaps. I may not know the names of groups or singers my son listens to, but we can spend a couple of hours together, talking about Renoir’s unique approach to nude portraiture (my son is 18 in this photo).


Great art is so powerful that it can keep us talking even after we have left the gallery. The fact that the unblocked exit there is a vertical cliff, helps to keep the conversation vivid.


All the spy photographs were made by Ekaterina Khmelevskaya, a great photographer and friend. 

Thank you, Renoir. When I am finally done with Mantegna, I’ll get down to your nudes and portraits. It will take some time (well, definitely more than the 10 minutes I am writing this post), but I’ll show how clever and inventive you were, and still are.

Has art ever helped you in anything?


    1. I think if we all pull together photographs of dads being together with their kids in museums or galleries… we could make a powerful exhibition promoting going to exhibitions ))

  1. “I must to paint. To me is important the white canvas. On the canvas I begin again. This is my life.”
    –Antonio DIEGO Voci
    “One eye sees, the other feels.”
    ― Paul Klee
    “Everything you can imagine is real.”
    ― Pablo Picasso

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