50 ways to interpret the picture

Two girls are talking to each other in hushed tones. The one in the blue dress is rather intense. It is probably she who is doing most of the talking. Her intensity is heightened by the angled arms, with her blue elbow cutting into the personal space of the brunette listener.

The blue girl is shadowed by the grey background to the left, the listening brunette comes from the pink side to the right. You can see traces of the pink space that surround her as a halo. They both meet in the “neutral” greenish space, that for this particular moment has become an element that unifies the two girls together. This simple pastel drawing tells a coded story of female relationship that each viewer can try to decipher according to his or her personal experiences.


Is it a dark-grey rumour, with which the blue girls is about to push out the pink innocence of brunette’s ignorance?

Or did the blue girl bring over her grey suffering to bounce it off the pink happiness of the brunette and see what happens?

But the only question I am asking myself right now is why didn’t I buy this work when it was still available? I love it when artists capture important moments of human interaction. Perhaps, it is just too feminine for me? But the artist was a man, Victor Dynnikov. Click on his name among the tags to this post to read more on him.


  1. To me the position and closeness of the closeness of their bodies and their faces suggests that the girl in blue is either trying to console or reassure the other girl.

      1. Probably, yes. But it will also make me question what they’re actually talking about ,because the brunette especially doesn’t look like they’re talking about happy things .

        1. The conflict of colours indicates they are not talking about happy things, as there is no conflict in an idle carefree chatting. The latter is simply not interesting to paint. So, no, they are not talking about something that’s rosy.

  2. I looked at the woman in blue as a nurse or lab tech, as well. I think she is sharing a joke with the other woman. There’s a lot of black humour in the medical field.

    1. And the nurse is elbowing the other girl towards the door, “Don’t be afraid, sweetie, he’s a good shrink, he’ll put you straight in no time!”

  3. What I see is that the left hand of the brunette is near the neck of the other girl. Maybe the girl in blue is confiding something to the brunette, who is comforting her.

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