20th Century Art in Scents

How is Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew of 1953 related to pop art and the rise of feminism?

Answers will be here in a few hours, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, check the previous chapters that relate perfumery advances and art throughout the 20th century, if you missed them:

Scent: L’Origan de Coty.
Art movement: Art Nouveau.
Artist: Alfons Mucha.

Scent: Chypre de Coty.
Art movement: Art Deco.
Artist: George Barbier, et al.

Scent: Chanel No.5.
Art movement: avant-garde movements of the 1920s, abstractionism.
Artist: Paul Klee.

Scent: Vent Vert by Balmain
Art movement: Post-war precursors to Abstract Expressionism
Artist: Hans Hartung


    1. Hi – it is the same Spicy woody oriental family as Youth Dew, except, perhaps, with a more tangerine and sandalwood flavour to it, but it was preceded by Opium (which can be, I suppose, considered its European counterpart). Opium will feature for the late 70s art )

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