One-legged hunter had deja-vu

when he stepped with his crutch into a steel trap.

This is the kind of feeling I often have when I come to an artist’s studio and look through their work.

Some artists grow, develop, change, search, find, lose, recapture, encapsulate and elevate. Each time I get in contact with them, I learn, find, discover something new and unexpected. Not necessarily great or even good. But I am sure next time I get to meet the artist he or she will excite, stun and amaze me with something. It is never about deja-vu with those artists.

Some artists just repeat themselves. As I look through their landscapes and still-lifes, after about an hour of looking, I start having the feeling that not only I’ve seen this before, but that I’ve been here before as well. And I usually know how it will end. I will get a catalogue signed by the artist, I would put it away, in the special unmarked box where I put catalogues of living artists who are already dead. It is a sad box containing so much wasted talent that one day I will write a book on wasting a talent, hoping that some people would read it and find their personal ways to avoid the waste.

I know how to mark the box now. Deja-vu artists.

Thanks, Daily Prompt, for the inspiration!

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