Visualising music

Music inspired many painters. Paintings inspired many composers.

These are the truths rich in examples, most of which are attributed to some divine light that shines on a painter listening or composer watching. People sceptical about the divine mechanics of this kind of inspiration tried to marry music and paintings via assigning music notes or their combinations to colour value and tone. In theory, were these attempts any more successful than numerology in predicting stock market movements, a Beethoven’s symphony could be “painted” by a computer.

It didn’t work out. Music can’t be translated directly from ear to eye. But music can be painted. And paintings can be musicified (Yes, it is a new word).

These are two different violin players (by V.Sevostianov), obviously playing very different music.

Click on them to get a better impression. Yes, do click on them, it’s great graphics worth a closer look.

Any ideas what kind of music they were meant to be playing?

If you want to know more about Sevostianov, click on his name in the tags area.


  1. My guess the 2nd is something from Vivaldi, I think about the Summer, Storm) 1-st can be smth very lyric or some etude for the young violinists.

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