Web kittens & puppies get clay: a new trend in art

90% of people love those neverending pics of cute cats and dogs on the web.  The same 90% of people (minus the owners of the pets whose pics were posted on the web) can’t or don’t want to have a live pet.

Reasons are a-plenty. In Japan, flats are too small. In Europe, pet food is too expensive, even though Nestle and Mars do all they can to give your pet something very cheap that will not kill it, at least, not right after feeding. In the US, the risk of being sued by your neighbours for damages (noise coming from your cat, poo on their lawn left by your parrot, not to mention the risk of a total bankruptcy if anyone is eaten by your pit bull terrier) is too high.

In the notoriously corrupt economies to the south of the North Pole you can’t have a nice pet. At least not for a long time, for it risks being stolen for ransom, entertainment, a fur coat or all of the above.

There were plenty of bears in the streets of Moscow in the Soviet times, and almost none can be found today.  One of the few remaining is standing there, on a bridge, as if telling you: “OK, get me my balalaika, bring over those foreign tourists – I can’t wait here all day! I am yet to deliver today’s mail to the local vodka drinkers without internet access”.

The mega wealthy from countries rich in oil and gas can afford pets that look glamorously nice. Like Abramovich. This photo is rumoured to show Abramovich’s dog with its own security detail.

Well, artists couldn’t just stand aside and stay outside this – hmm – “situation”. Sculptors came up with a ceramic, clay solution. Pets, life-size, clay, smiling.

That’s work of three different artists (and it sells like hot cakes):

You can’t have a live pet? Get a clay one! They are cute. I admit I was smiling while looking at them. When I saw them first time. But to have it at home with the same cheerful expression on its muzzle until someone (you) freaks out and breaks it with a hammer? And yet, they sell like hot cakes…


  1. “That’s work of three different artists (and it sells like hot cakes)” – you meant like hot-dogs?))

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