Don’t take a dead squirrel to your home

Sometimes, kids bring home dead animals. A hedgehog or a mouse. Their parents scream (moms) and shout (dads) and throw the poor thing out. Some extra screaming and shouting is usually followed by lengthy parental advice on the dangers of bringing home anything that’s dead because you never know why it died in the first place.

Will parents be happier, if their child says, “Don’t worry about what killed it. I know. I did” ?

Tanya’s son found a dead squirrel. Frozen to death. Maybe the squirrel decided to follow PETA’s advice to get rid of fur, maybe it was just damn cold in Russia on that night, and the squirrel had never heard of PETA. Anyway, it was taken home. After the hedgehog affair, the boy knew he should not announce the find to anyone. So, before going to school, the boy hid the squirrel under his bed.

Tanya made a lot of pancakes in the morning. Before leaving home , she left them on the table stacked up on a plate with a note to her husband, who was expected early from work. The note said, “This is all for you, sweetheart”.

When Tanya’s husband got home, he understood he didn’t have a family any more.
The pancakes were hanging from all the hooks and shelves in the house. Floor to ceiling. And in the midst of the pancake craze was a note, saying “this is all for you, sweetheart”.
And yes, it was the squirrel who thawed off, sobered up and discovered it got to the squirrel paradise. It was the squirrel who put out all the pancakes to dry. And then it hid when a human came in.

It took only a few hours to sort out the mess. Not the pancakes, but the husband’s belief that his wife had gone mad in the worst possible way, pancake mad.

I don’t know what happened to the boy or the squirrel.

As the story is not something that happened to me or people I know, it would remain incomplete forever. Was the boy traumatized by the experience? Did the husband kill the squirrel on revenge grounds? Did it die a happy squirrel, with a stomach full of pancakes?


  1. :))) One girl was trying to save poor squirrel attacked by her cat & dog gang. But the squirrel was too stupid to understand and bitten the girl with her sharp teeth. Maybe the girl managed to save the squirrel and they all (the girl, the squirrel and the cat & dog gang) are living in peace, or she killed the creature after that and joined the cat & dog gang. Or she died from some awful infection. As the story is not something that happened to me or people I know…))

    1. I know how this story ends. My son was bitten by a mouse once that he tried to save from our cat. A course of anti-hydrophobia procedures at a hospital )

      1. She was not that brave and her parents were not there so she just let it bleed as much as possible not to let anything get inside the wound. It was not difficult as the finger was bitten through and through. Thanks God it appeared to be very healthy, eco-squirrel) the girl likes filbert nuts since then, lol)

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