The road ahead…

Can be fun. Can be danger. Can be adventure.

Must be something. Otherwise, what’s the point of looking forward to the road ahead?

That’s the normal point of view. Like in Gregs’s post here, also titled “The Road Ahead” (Greg, sorry, I’m stealing your photo) :

This is Greg’s photo (and his is a blog of wonders)

Now, you won’t be surprised to discover that the road below was painted by a Russian artist.. This road does not offer you anything. The bar is lifted. You may go, drive, cycle along. But there’s nothing there, except just more of the same road, cold, and the sun that never reaches the land you’d be driving through.

Petr Ossovsky, 2005 – The Road Ahead – the Russian Institute for Realistic Art

The title of the painting is also The Road Ahead. If the artist (Petr Ossovsky) lived at the times of Fedor Dostoyevsky, they would have been a wonderful couple.

This painting is a song about Russia in winter. A sad song, but a song nonetheless.

Next time you’re out and about, when you want to paint or photograph a road, think about the road’s promise. There must be one.



  1. You are right about imagining Ossovsky/Dostoevskly collaboration. The motive of the road played a significant role in Russian literature (especially of the XIX century literature) – long distances provided plenty of time for philosophizing on the road. “Выхожу один я на дорогу…”

  2. short and thoughts provoking ) The road for Russians has always been (and will always remain) something special.

    1. In a country that spans 9 or something timezones with few roads? Add fatalism to the mixture, and you get the Russian attitude to a road, with all the superstitions (to sit before leaving for a journey, etc.) 😉

      1. aga) I love it) and love the reaction of foreigners when we say kind ‘it’s not far, 700 km’.

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