Balinese Pornography

Bali is a part of Indonesia. Indonesia is Muslim. As a Muslim country it is very strict about decency. It is not OK to show sex but it is OK to have many wives. I am not sure though that Polygamy is permitted there, but radical Islamists are all for it.

Bali is Hindu. Hinduist understanding of decency is rather different. It is not OK to have many wives, but it is OK to show sex.

Due to the circumstances of my birth (place, time, culture), I tend to agree with the Balinese point of view, but I know A LOT of European men who envy the Polygamy precept. Yes, they are male chauvinist pigs in the eyes of a feminist, I know, but most are loyal and devoted to their wives. So, it is not automatic Hell for them, but a good old washing up in Purgatory.

Now, how do you navigate the thin line between two different cultures that have to co-exist within the same country?

Public art rushes to the rescue.

Animals, garden sculpture (imagine those “garden dwarfs” in your backyard!). See for yourself.


  1. which POV do you ‘tend to agree’ with, 1 or 2?
    It would be my nightmare to see these sculptures in my garden. Better not to have any garden at all)) Can’t imagine even Balinese children playing there…

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