St.Art, please help me understand

St.Art is the patron saint of street art who, as any proper saint should be, was brutally white-washed from the face of the Earth by a careless municipal worker. Very few street artists show proper respect towards the saint. This is why there are very few good street artists out there.

I am sure this Florentine street artist is a believer, for there’s something contradictory captivating in his work about Ascension, Love, and Exit, which does seem to me very religious, even though I am confused about its meaning.


I love you, so I leave you?

Love helps one to ascend from the mundane face of the Earth?

One can’t exit Love, one can only plunge down from it?

Love helps one to escape from prison?

What did the artist want to say? Any ideas? What’s your take on it?

P.S. Many confuse St.Art with St.Ar, the patron saint of people who follow celebrities on Twitter and read gossip magazines believing them to be the new Gospel. They are two very different saints: once you start a mural, always pronounce your “t’s” clearly when sending up a prayer. You may end up compulsively buying Prada shoes otherwise.



  1. I’ve been staying in Florence for a few weeks now and was also wondering what the deal with this guys art is (its eeeeverywhere). Most of the figures are holding onto a balloon that i think is pulling them along or something, maybe something cute about letting life take you on an adventure? actually that sounds sickeningly sweet. i have no idea.

    1. Can you share the guy’s other work? It’s more about semiotics than anything else I guess ) give people a simple symbol with ambiguity built-in, and they’d be happy to grab it as an important message ))

        1. This is just grand. Thank you!
          I guess the artist integrates the environment. Ventilation grating, old graffiti, or a barred window in my case, and there’s definitely some message of freedom in the centre ))

  2. I’m still contemplating the possible meaning, but I did notice that the ladder seems to be leaning on the heart, as if it were an object to steady the figure’s ascension and possibly act as the destination…once again, haven’t pieced together the puzzle completely. Still just finding the edges

    1. I am leaning towards the idea that this seemingly simple artwork creates so many personal meanings that it should either be cut out and placed in a gallery, or washed out altogether )) I’d cut it out, if I could )

  3. My first thought when I saw the image was ‘love is difficult to achieve but once you do, it is an exit from the prison of the mundane’. On a second glance, the EXIT sign is beyond the reach of the human figure who seems to be facing the viewer and waving (unless he is a left handed artist and is about to draw on the wall) which brings to mind the song ‘babe sometimes love just ain’t enough’. Right. Pouring myself another drink…

    1. Once you climb up love, and stand securely on the heart that belongs to you, the exit of marriage becomes your prison. Brrrr. Getting myself a stronger drink… )))

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