Tags are the mirror of the soul; and a car made with fur

In today’s world, it is not the eyes. It’s tags!


So, looking in the mirror of my tags, it seems that I like writing about art and its history with a dash of humour, illustrating this with photographs, and providing inspiration.

Does it reflect my personality or my soul?

Well, it does as a mirror with a built-in Photoshop. It is a doctored image of me.

I write about art, and many believe art is the mirror in which the observers see themselves, not the author.

It is not always true, but it is especially valid for Contemporary Art, where the objective is to jump-start your brain into thinking along its own neural lanes, not the pathways that the author traveled along when creating the piece.

This giant street art mural is a very good illustration of the idea:


When I say my image is doctored by the tags, I mean that I am a Russian, so, in the eyes of many, I need to love vodka and the luxury of Dolce&Gabbana studded with crystals. I don’t, but it is not right that my tag mirror turns a blind eye the subject!  I need to remedy this immediately. And I will start with luxury, opulence, and the infinitely-platimun lifestyle of super-rich Russians, encapsulated in a single object. 

Creating luxurious lifestyle is a form of art, don’t you think?  I just hope I am not deviating too much from the general theme of my blog, which happens to be among the recommended ones on the subject of art (thank you, WordPress!)


Some may say it is not art, but pornography, and PETA activists will probably faint with indignation at the images I am about to show.

Yes, this car’s body was made of fiberglass, and then covered by leather. The leather was treated in a very special way, so you can wash the car just as you’d do, were it steel.  The exterior leather is covered by lifetime warranty. Even the car’s engine is wrapped in leather, but the technology is high-temperature and high-tech, so don’t worry. The outside and inside decoration is done by hand, by an artist.

The engine compartment and the trunk are sparkled with Swarovski crystals.

You have the most expensive fur furnishings inside. I can’t call it fur finish. Not in this car. It is fur start.

One million euro, and it is yours.

Beware of passengers with fur allergies, they may scratch the car from the inside. To protect the car against PETA, the owner is issued a free gun with a corresponding license to kill and then use the skin of activists for repairs of any damage caused by them to the exterior.

Welcome to the art of crazy luxury. If you are religious, next time you go to church, please make sure a candle is lit for the unfortunate guy who crashes into this automobile. Neither the guy’s insurance, nor his life would cover the cost of repairs, ever.

Now, would you be so kind to share the adjectives that were rushing to your mind while you rummaged through the car photos? I’d love to hear them, and please do not censor yourself. Be frank, be loud: I am not aware of kids reading this blog. 

Thank you, the Daily Post, for inspiration!


    1. Yes! Flintstones! The Neanderthal gene.
      The Russian look, of course. With the car dead until the driver drinks a glass of vodka and exhales.
      Frankly, I can’t even begin to imagine the motivation behind doing this ))

  1. This is just plain bad bad taste. The same thing as toilet paper with gold filigree (yes, it does exist).
    And while I really like leather for shoes, jackets and so on, I would find millions of better uses for a million dollars.

  2. Landed on your blog when I was researching the painting Leda and the Swan. I enjoy reading your posts very much – they made me laugh while I learn something new!
    I am neither an animal right activist nor luxury fur lover(although I do think for people living in places like Winterfell, fur and leather goods will be necessity) This car made of leather is a grotesque display of wealth and the exploitation of fine craftsmanship.

        1. It sure does, don’t be confused! But it is vehemently disliked by people who reject leather and fur ) I am glad you liked it, though I hope you will find a better investment opportunity for your million euros! )))

          1. Trust me I don’t have million euros!!! And i dislike the idea of how it’s made…it just looks kinda funky. I probably only have 20 pence…

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