Going into politics

House of Commons – Terrace Pavilion

I’d become a politician just to be able to lunch at the House of Commons’ Terrace Pavilion, at my will, possibly daily. You get there, beckon a gull, and vent out the dilemma that’s been tormenting you for, say, the last twenty minutes: something about servicing your constituency or helping yourself to another glass of wine.

In my particular case, the dilemma of looking a decent chap (and taking water) to an outside observer or not caring about the appropriateness of red wine at an hour as early as 12:30 was happily resolved by the friendly creature.

It cocked its head at me and shot out, “Decorrrrrum? Isn’t it an adopted child of hypocrrrrricy?

Red wine be it then.

House of Commons – Terrace Pavilion

We’ll do a short tour of Sensing Spaces exhibition at the Royal Academy tomorrow. This is a must-see, or rather a must-experience event. 

It would be grand to hear from you now!

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